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In the penultimate book in the Zarkora series, Fynaglade faces its most powerful enemy yet. Can the Fyrelit brothers save their nation from certain destruction?Versalos has been defeated, and the city of Zarkora is now under the peaceful rule of the Fyrelit brothers' uncle, T'shink. But Neleik, Ervine and their friends soon discover that there is a much greater enemy than Versalos: K'zharn, also known as the Jackal, is preparing to conquer the entire nation of Fynaglade with his army of Dark Ones. The Fyrelits must find a way to foil K'zharn's plans, at the same time as trying to keep the peace between the Three Kingdoms.To defeat this enemy, the Fyrelit brothers must discover their true powers - powers they could never have imagined.

Zarkora #3 The Mark of the Jackal (Paperback)




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