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'A compelling fantasy from two bright newcomers.'  Isobelle Carmody


'The story has everything that young fantasy fans have come to expect: quests, taverns, vast landscapes, the aforementioned dragons and, of course, multivolume storytelling ... The worldbuilding is professionally and expertly done ... The Lochels do a credible job of depicting edgy Neleik, calm Ervine and good-natured Sky, and readers will find them sympathetic and complex. Other characters, friendly and unfriendly, are also vibrantly portrayed ... ably evokes the fantastic setting by appealing to all five of the reader’s senses throughout. A solid fantasy adventure for young readers that engagingly depicts a fully realized fictional world.'  Kirkus Reviews

'Fantasy at its best - I downloaded this book for my daughter and she has been unable to put it down for the last few days. She loves it and it's a great change from watching TV. She is very selective about her reading and this one has captured her imagination and kept her entranced.' - Mike


'I just finished this book, and I can't say enough good things about it! It was fast paced, wonderful characters, great action and adventure, and a pure pleasure to read. I can't wait for the next book to come out so I can find out what happens to all of the characters. A great big thank you to the authors for such a wonderful story!' - Book lover

'Bought your book for my 9 yr old. He has told me ("Zarkora" is the best book I've ever read, even better than Beast Quest & Skullduggery. It's my favorite book ever!". Congratulations guys he loves it & can't wait to read no 2. As a parent I encourage my sons to read it's wonderful to support local young authors. Good work, $15 well spent.' 

'This is one of the best books I have ever read.' - Lachlan

'I love your book. Can NOT wait for the next one!' - Rebecca


'If these books were movies I would go see them 5 times. Best books ever. Love them more than the Inheritance series' - Sean

'Finding it hard to put it down. Slept in this morning because I was up until late reading' - Stephen

'I have started reading it and so far, I think I'm in love!!' - Caoimhe

'My godson loved the first book. He is hanging for the next one!' - Lyndall

'Love it!' - Luis


'Just finished reading it and really enjoyed it. Nearly missed my morning bus one day because I didn't want to put it down. Look forward to the next book.' - Meredith

'Spent the afternoon curled up in my chair reading. Can't wait for the next instalment.' - Colleen

'I just finished book one! Fabulous.... Looking forward to reading more.... Glad 2013 is almost here! But feel free to release it earlier ♥' - Joann

'I picked up a copy of Zarkora on the last day of Brisbane Supanova this year; your selling point was that it was a mix of Eragon, Deltora Quest and Harry Potter which of course completely engaged my geeky little heart ♥ I'm proud to say you guys definitely lived up to claims and I am Super-Duper excited for the next one to come out!' - Rachelle


'A customer asked to leave this book in the book shelf at the cafe I work at so everyone can read it and know how awesome it is. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to read it! The cover art is amazingly beautiful and totally draws you to it. I read it in 2 days and absolutely loved it!! I cannot wait for the next book!!! ♥' - Serina

'What a great little book! Zarkora is book 1 in a children's (possibly say 10-14ish) fantasy series following two brothers on an adventurous and dangerous trek to the ends of the land to rescue their kidnapped sister. Be prepared for all of the classic features found in the fantasy genre: giants and elves, dragons and monsters and most importantly a healthy dose of magic (plus of course the obligatory magical guy who has turned evil). The characters are all quite loveable from the get-go and I found myself mentally shouting at them to DO SOMETHING when I, as a reader, could perceive some danger that the characters could not. I really didn't want to see them fail. The quest they embark on definitely has captured my interest and well who can resist the promise of a full-scale magical standoff between good and evil? All in all, a great book at a great price by some lovely Brisbane authors. I highly recommend this for anyone who loved/is hanging out for the final installment of Emily Rodda's "Three Doors" Trilogy. Let's hope these guys can walk in her footsteps.' - Shannon


'Just want to say I've just read the second book, couldn't put it down, absolutely loved it! I can already picture the movie. LOL. Definately recommend aiming at adult readers as well as children. I love your work. Can't wait for there to be somewhere in NZ for me to direct people too, will be a bestseller for sure.' - Cecelia

'I think the Zarkora series would make a great movie. Looking forward to Books 3 & 4.' - Blake


'I would just like to say a HUGE thanks you to Nicholas & Alison. I bought the first two books from them at Supanova in Brisbane and they were extremely kind. I finished the first book yesterday and loved it. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.' - Daniel


'Absolutely loving the first book. Can't wait to start the second.' - Callum


'I just finished book 2. Brilliant! Can't wait till 3' - Heidi


'So finished book one. I've gotta say, well done on the writing. Everything was so descriptive I felt like I was in the story ... Kind of on the edge of my seat during some parts. I hid myself away for a good 3 hours to finish it.' - Deanna


'I loved your book so much. Can't wait for the rest of the series as I am completely hooked.' - Oliver


'Finished the 2nd book. 10/10. It was great, can't wait for the next one. Loving the relationship between Neleik and Kyia. More ups and downs please.' - Sean


'My non-readers love your books.' - Judith


'Just started reading the 2nd one today, loving it!' - Conner


'Just can't wait for the next! Thanks for such a great series!' - Jerome


'I'm looking forward to Book 2' - Katrina


'Totally engrossed after one page!' - Danielle


'Just finished the book for a third time. I just can't let it go yet. Can't wait for the next book. Might just read it for a forth time before I switch back to my textbooks.' - Kate 


'Love this book, got it on the week end, so amazing, love it!!!!!! Great twists in the plot.' - Megan


'I love your book I'm reading it right now' Awesome Aussie


'Absolutely loved the books and cannot wait for the next one!' - Natalie

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